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What is 'the happiness scrapbook'?

Mark - The Happiness Scrapbook Creator

‘the happiness scrapbook’’ is a social media campaign aiming to create a more positive online experience for all... Formed in 2017 the virtual scrapbook has just finished its second photo series - ‘the pursuit of happiness’ based in the USA.

“I have found social media to be one of the most negative impacts on mental health - particularly for people my age.. Accepting the fact that it is unlikely to go away, I decided to do something about it and create a more positive atmosphere online - for all.. I have loved travelling around and taking people’s photos but I am most grateful and encouraged by people’s answers.. Of course a pattern begins to develop with responses but what I love most is getting a quote that is so unique and personal it surprises me.. I am immensely proud of how the project has grown and how much happiness I have gained - and hopefully created along the way!” - Mark (creator)


For anyone who has their portrait taken all it involves is one minute, one

signature, one photo and one question:

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